Welcome to Peninsula Heart Centre

Dr. Szto (pronounced See-Toe) consults at Frankston, Mornington and Rosebud. The main office in Frankston (at Peninsula Private Hospital) has full investigation facilities like treadmill stress test, echo, stress echo, and other mobile tests like Holter (ECG) and blood pressure (BP) monitor. All patients referred here are triaged so their tests and consultations are able to be undertaken as soon as feasible. Feel free to browse through the website, and learn as much as you can about the services that we offer, and the procedures that are performed to treat your heart condition. Learn about the various tests that are available to assist you in understanding your heart condition. This website has automatic news updates concerning advances in cardiovascular medicine, and you are encourage to come back often to determine if there has been new developments in the treatment of your heart condition. Greg can be contacted directly on o438 231 165. Note new email address: www.peninsulaheart.com.au and our main office telephone number is (03) 9789 0088. Fax (03) 9789 8866. Email: reception@peninsulaheart.com.au; greg@peninsulaheart.com.au; vikki@peninsulaheart.com.au



March 2020 – COVID-19 STATEMENT

In this unprecedented COVID-19 environment, we would like to reassure our colleagues and patients that we are available to assist those requiring medical attention.

We have always practised and continue to practise with the highest infection control standards and follow strict protocols when dealing with patients. We have increased the regularity and scope of sanitising our clinic. You will notice hand sanitisers placed around the consulting area which we ask all attendees to use on arrival.

We are asking all patients who have returned from overseas or who may be experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms or fever, to notify our clinic prior to their appointment.

Many of our patients are elderly, with multiple comorbidities; they are at high risk of developing severe complications if they contract coronavirus infection.

We can offer a choice of telehealth and/or telephone consultations for patients who are unable to attend in person.

We are committed to the overall safety, health and well-being of all our patients and PHC staff.

Thank you,

Drs Greg Szto, Vivek Gupta, Sam Mirzaee and staff at PHC


Greg was featured on Channel 9 re the BiOSS LIM C drug-coated bifurcation stent 13/2/2020

The 4 pm news segment (more comprehensive):

The 6 pm news:


Welcome Dr. Sam Mirzaee – Feb 2020

Welcome Dr. Sam Mirzaee, consultant cardiologist and lipidologist on his first day at PHC💜 We are excited to have him as part of our team to complement Greg and Vivek.

Sam completed training as a cardiologist at Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane and has just completed a PhD at Monash University focusing on novel management of patients with familial hypercholesterolaemia and their associated cardio-metabolic disorders that improve our ability to identify and better treat patients at the highest risk of cardiovascular events. As a lipidologist with extensive research and clinical experience, Sam is eager to share his knowledge with GP colleagues and patients alike. 

As a heart rhythm specialist, his interests include implantable devices including pacemakers, defibrillators, internal loop recorders and biventricular pacemakers, as well as management of cardiac arrhythmias particularly atrial fibrillation. 💜 




Welcome Dr. Vivek Gupta – Feb 2019

Peninsula Heart Centre welcomes new cardiologist Vivek to the practice. Vivek is a general and interventional cardiologist with expertise in diagnostic and coronary rotablator and stenting, via radial artery access. Vivek will also be able to assess patients presenting with general cardiology issues as well as heart attacks leading to primary angioplasty and stenting. You can discuss cases with Vivek at his mobile: 0431 025 021 or call our office number 9789 0088 to book an appointment for your patients. Vivek’s email is vivek@peninsulaheart.com.au.






Close the hole…

18 Nov 2017. The era of Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) closure has arrived at Peninsula Private Hospital. This keyhole technique via the groin, is a simple solution to treat patients with cryptogenic stroke (stroke of unexplained cause) and have a persistent PFO. The PFO is a persistent hole between the top two chambers of the heart (atria). It normally closes at birth, but can be persistently patent in up to 20-25% of the population. Recent studies have shown that closure of this PFO in patients with cryptogenic stroke significantly reduce their chances of having another stroke. This procedure may also help in cases of severe migraine with PFO. Divers may also need to have their PFO closed to avoid bend-related stroke


A little thing has arrived at Peninsula Private Hospital

Since May 2017, Dr. Szto has introduced the procedure of Medtronic Micra leadless pacemaker insertion in > 12 patients at Peninsula Private Hospital. This is a small bullet-sized pacemaker which is inserted via the groin vein, with intravenous sedation and local anaesthetic. The procedure takes about ½ hour and the patient is discharged the next day after satisfactory pacemaker check.


Emergency Department at Peninsula Private Hospital

On Monday 22 August 2016, the new Emergency Department will open at Peninsula Private Hospital – Tel 9788 0888. Patients can be directly admitted to the hospital from there. If you would like Dr. Szto to look after you (even if you haven’t been treated by us before), just let the attending doctor or nurse know.

Left Atrial Appendage Closure to prevent stroke in atrial fibrillation

Patients with atrial fibrillation but who are not able to take blood thinners such as warfarin, dabigatran, rivaroxaban or apixaban now have an alternative – have a keyhole procedure to plug the left atrial appendage (LAA). The LAA is the source of clots in close to 90% of people developing a stroke due to atrial fibrillation. Dr. Szto can advise you in choosing this option. The procedure is done under general anaesthetic at Peninsula Private Hospital and typically requires an overnight stay. Dr. Szto has performed over 200 Watchman procedures (the most in Victoria). He is a proctor (teaches other cardiologists how to implant the Watchman) and also participated in the Oct 2018 Global Watchman Advisory Board Meeting in Italy. An alternative to this keyhole procedure is to have the left atrial appendage ligated during open heart surgery. Dr. Szto strongly encourages his cardiac surgeon to ligate his patients’ left atrial appendage during their open heart surgeries. As of 1 Nov 2017, left atrial appendage closure is covered by Medicare in Australian private hospitals.

TAVI – transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Nov 2017 – Dr. Szto is leading the introduction of keyhole aortic valve surgery at Peninsula Private Hospital. Since Nov 2015, we have inserted these keyhole valves in > 100 patients successfully. Patients who may be suitable should contact their GP and be referred for evaluation and consideration. This minimally invasive surgery will expand the number of people who can be treated but who may otherwise be considered too high risk for open heart surgery.

Occasionally, even this procedure is too risky in some frail patients, another alternative may be to consider balloon aortic valvuloplasty (BAV), in which case the narrowed, scarred aortic valve is stretched with a balloon only. The result may buy time and enable some patients to recover enough to be considered for  definitive keyhole valve surgery.

Peninsula Private Hospital is accredited for the provision of TAVI services as of Nov 2018.

Direct referral for tests:

You can ask you local doctor to refer you directly to our practice for tests such as treadmill stress test, echocardiogram, Holter (24-hour ECG) monitor, BP monitor, or multislice cardiac CT scan. Most of these tests are bulk-billed, including stress test, echocardiogram, and Holter monitor. A BP monitor test attracts a small fee. Most tests can be performed within a few days of ordering. Results are promptly sent to your doctor, often electronically within a day or two of your test. Unlike other health check clinics, your out-of-pocket costs are minimal.

Preventative Cardiology using Multi-slice Cardiac CT Scanning

Medicare reimbursement is available under certain conditions – click here for details)

Embrace the new technology in Multi-slice Cardiac CT scanning or CT coronary angiogram – look at your heart and arteries and check whether you have coronary artery disease even before you have any symptoms. Obtain treatment and evasive action before you develop into a heart attack victim waiting to happen. CT scanning is performed in collaboration with MIA Radiology at Peninsula Private Hospital, tests are reported promptly and you will receive a personal copy of your heart scan results, typically within 1-2 weeks.

“Interventional” cardiologist

Many cardiologists can perform coronary angiograms to diagnose your coronary artery blockages, but only a few can actually proceed on to fix them by inserting stents. These cardiologists have additional qualification in coronary stenting. If not, you may need to undergo a second procedure to correct your blockage. Make sure the cardiologist doing your angiogram is an interventional cardiologist. Dr. Szto is an interventional cardiologist, and often proceeds directly to coronary stenting or other intervention as required, saving you another trip to the lab, and another groin or wrist puncture.

Clinical Research

Our practice participates in clinical research – this is where new and experimental drugs or therapies are explored and tested, usually in internationally coordinated, double-blind placebo controlled clinical studies. These studies are rigorously monitored and proper checks and balances are in place to protect the welfare of the patient. To learn more about studies that might benefit you, click on our clinical research section.