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Peninsula Heart Centre aims to be your first choice for providing high quality, cardiac care to your patients.  We offer prompt patient-centred care and welcome the opportunity to share in the management of your patients.

Our Cardiologists are always available to see, assess and discuss urgent matters with our referring doctors and will facilitate prompt access to diagnostic services for patients. We welcome new referrals for a wide range of specialist management. We are available to see urgent patients and make their appointments and access to services a priority.  Our doctors are also available to see patients  who request a second opinion.


committed to excellence

Peninsula Heart Centre proudly offer our doctors and patients access to a comprehensive range of investigations and treatment options.

Our highly trained and experienced cardiologists have a range of sub-specialties that allow them to offer total cardiovascular care.

We believe our team have all your needs covered; interventional cardiology, complex interventional heart failure and rhythm management. We have expertise in structural heart treatments, an area that has, until recent years, been unavailable locally and is one that we are excited to have developed and progress.

Outpatient Cardiac tests

Doctors can refer directly for the following tests which are conducted daily at our various practice sites. If requested, these tests are performed in conjunction with a clinical assessment, or if indicated, as a result of the test.

Exercise Stress Test 

Stress Echocardiogram 


Holter Monitor 

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring 

12 Lead ECG 


Changes to Medicare on 1st August 2020 have placed limitations on rebates to enable bulk billing for some tests. It is preferable that you use Peninsula Heart Centre for all your out-patient tests so we can monitor the bulk billing status as well as individual progress and ensure continuity of care.

Services offered at Peninsula Heart Centre

The Cardiologists within Peninsula Heart Centre complement each other in experience and provide a broad skill set. We believe we have the ability to cater for all adult cardiac conditions.

General Cardiology

Cardiac assessments
Hypertension management
Arrhythmia management
Heart failure management
Dyslipidaemia management
Peri operative management
Licence evaluations

Cardiac investigations

Multi slice cardiac CT-calcium score
ECG stress test (treadmill)
Stress echocardiogram
Echocardiogram with contrast (Saline or Definity)
Ambulatory BP monitoring
Holter monitoring (1-14 day)
12 lead Electrocardiograms and reporting service.

Interventional Cardiology

Coronary angiography
Coronary angioplasty with drug-coated balloon
Coronary stenting- same day as angiography
Fractional flow reserve (FFR)
Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS)
Optimal coherence tomography (OCT)
Rotablator debulking and stenting
Bifurcation stenting
Left main stenting
Renal angiography + stenting

Structural Heart treatments

Transoesophageal echocardiograms
Left atrial appendage closure (Watchman device®),
PFO and ASD closure
Balloon vavuloplasty
Trans catheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)

Pacing & Interventional heart failure management

Single and dual-chamber pacing
Internal cardiac defibrillator -pacemaker (ICD)
Cardiac resynchronisation therapy + defibrillator
(CRTD)/Leadless pacemakers/Loop recorders

Rhythm management - Electophysiology (EP)

Complex arrhythmia management
Atrial flutter ablation
AV node ablation
Pulmonary vein isolation

Clinical Research

Heart Failure – reduced and preserved heart function trials
Lipid – statin intolerant trial
Acute coronary syndrome trial

Urgent appointments

The Cardiologists at Peninsula Heart Centre are always available for urgent appointments at the request of referring doctors.  Our priority is to have  urgent patients assessed by the first available cardiologist with the appropriate sub-specialty on the day.  This may not always be the requested doctor.

The medical history of all PHC patients is available to our doctors to ensure continuity of your patient’s cardiac health care.

Our doctors welcome phone enquiries should you require treatment advice or direction regarding patient management.
Do not hesitate to contact our office on 9789 0088 or via their mobile phone.

Peninsula Heart Centre only have experienced critical care trained nurses to assist you with urgent enquiries.

Urgent hospital admissions

If you have a patient that has been assessed as medically stable and has private health insurance cover, we may be able to assist in a direct admission to Peninsula Private Hospital for in patient management.

GPs and referring doctors can call to discuss this with our cardiologists or critical care nurses to arrange admission.

Call our main rooms during office hours on 9789 0088 or our individual cardiologists on their mobile phone at any time.

Patients in need of urgent attention requiring transfer to Peninsula Private Hospital via ambulance, can be taken directly to PPH Emergency Department.

Please remember to include a current referral to one of our cardiologists who will be notified of their arrival and manage their admission accordingly.


Electronic correspondence

We are able to receive correspondence via the following secure methods: 

Online referral


Practice Software Referrals Links







If your practice would prefer referral pads, please contact our office so we can organise delivery