Dr. Greg Szto



Monash University (MBBS, Hons, 1989).

Intern and Advanced Cardiology training: Alfred Hospital, Melbourne (1990 – 1995).

Advanced Cardiology Interventional training: Indiana Heart Institute, Indianapolis, IN (1996 – 2000).

Director of Cardiology, Peninsula Private Hospital (2002 – ).

Dr. Szto (pronounced See-Toe) is a first-class honours graduate of Monash University (1989). He is the first overseas student to top his class of 145 students.

He interned at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne in 1990, and undertook advanced cardiology training in the same institution from 1994-95 under the leadership of Associate Professor Aubrey Pitt, and subsequently Professor Garry Jennings.

In 1996, Dr. Szto travelled to the US, where he undertook advanced coronary interventional training at St. Vincent Hospital, Indianapolis, under the mentorship of the late Thomas J. Linnemeier, a pioneer in coronary angioplasty who was a close friend of Andreas Gruentzig (founder of coronary angioplasty). Here, Greg became proficient in the various aspects of coronary stenting, rotablator decalcification (“roto-rooter”), atherectomy, valvuloplasty, as well as peripheral arterial angiogram and stenting (i.e. renal, carotid and iliac). He also participated in many clinical trials and research presentations at the US national cardiology conferences.

In 2000, Dr. Szto returned to Melbourne as visiting cardiologist at Frankston Hospital, where he initiated the coronary stenting service there (with no on-site open heart surgery back-up). He also became Director of Cardiology at Peninsula Private Hospital and set up the catheter laboratory in early 2003. A 16-bed CCU unit followed soon after, coupled with direct admission of patients to Peninsula Private Hospital, and cardiac rehabilitation, and lately, the multi-slice cardiac CT scanning program (from February 2007) at PPH MIA Radiology, in association with the radiologist Dr. Andrew Watson and radiographer Lou Valerio. Dr. Szto was instrumental in leading the development of intensive care unit at PPH in June 2012, leading to successful introduction of open heart bypass surgery in October 2012. Greg also learned and subsequently introduced the technique of Watchman left atrial appendage closure by keyhole approach. He is the only cardiologist qualified to perform this procedure south of Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne. In Nov 2015, Greg successfully led the introduction of keyhole aortic valve replacement surgery at Peninsula Private Hospital. Dr. Szto is very active in personal and global multi-centre clinical research – introducing various global multi-centre therapy trials into the Peninsula area. He was 1 of 5 global centres in the first-in-man RENABLATE (renal artery denervation) clinical study in 2013, recruiting over half of all the patients.

Since 2012, Dr. Szto has teamed up with Associate Professor David Kannar in developing a patent for non-oral administration of medications, primarily sublingual approach. This has the potential to increase the bioavailability of medications many-fold. Further patents are in the works. David and Greg are also the co-founders of Nutrition Innovation Group, a company with expertise in the industrial production of low GI sugar and associated healthier nutritional products.

Dr. Szto is a member of the Australian Medical Association, Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Fellow of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand, Fellow of the (US) Society of Cardiac Angiography and Interventions, and Fellow of the American College of Cardiology.

He is active giving talks on cardiovascular topics to the local medical community and keeps up to date with regular attendances at major international scientific meetings.

Szto Family Dec 2018

Greg is married to Georgia and they are blessed with two children, Hannah completed  her BSc, then Master of Business (Science & Technology) at Monash University and is now completing a Juris Doctor (J.D.) and Noah who was co-dux in 2016 at The Peninsula School VCE. Noah is now doing Bio-Medicine at the University of Melbourne. They live in Mount Eliza. When he has free time, he will be taking and editing photos, web-surfing, fishing, playing golf, attending a classic car show or gone to an overseas conference to brush up on the latest in cardiovascular procedures and treatments. Dr. Szto is the only interventional cardiologist who lives in the Mornington Peninsula.


High School: La Salle Secondary School, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia (1982)

University: Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia (1984-1989)

Residency: Alfred Hospital, Prahran, Victoria, Australia (1990)

Cardiology: Alfred Hospital, Prahran Victoria, Australia (1994-1995)

Fellowship: St. Vincent Hospital, Indianapolis, IN, USA (1996-2000)

Consultant: Peninsula Private Hospital, Frankston, VIC, Australia (2000 – )