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September 14, 2010

News from European Society of Cardiology Congress (Stockholm) 2010

Several news-worthy developments in cardiovascular medicine are outlined here for those who are interested:

1. New European Society of Cardiology (ESC) guidelines on atrial fibrillation

The new guidelines put in place advances in management of AF since the last update in 2006. These include:

A. An expanded guide to assessment of the risk of stroke. The new score is now known as CHA2DS2VASc which stands for

Condition Point (s)
C ongestive heart failure 1
H ypertension 1
A ge > 75 years 2
D iabetes 1
S troke/TIA 2
V ascular disease 1
A ge between 65-74 years 1
S ex criterion (male/female) 1
Total 10

2. Shift: Ivabradine cuts hospitalization and mortality when added to standard heart failure therapy

3. New anti-thrombotic agents abound – Ticagrelor etc.

4. Colchine (Colgout) halve the incidence of post-pericardiotomy syndrome

5. New anti-thrombotic drugs poised to replace warfarin for prevention of stroke in atrial fibrillation – Dabigatran, Apixaban etc.

6. Amazing developments in the field of cardiovascular medicine continues to astound cardiologists!!

Physiome, SPECT-CT, Telemedicine, Bone marrow stem cell in ischaemic heart disease…