I have a selection of ultrascopes for sale. These stethoscopes are made in the USA, and features a solid single acrylic clear head that has amazing auscultation characteristics. Call my office: 03 9789 0088.

I bought them because I can hear better with them than the usual stethoscopes…rivalling my electronic stethoscope as well!!!

Further information: www.ultrascopes.com

You can purchase these ultrascopes for AUD$100. Lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. I have the a large range of designs for you to choose from. Not all designs on the ultrascope website is available.

I have tubes of all colours except yellow (collects too much dust and dirt).

Tube colour legend:

BK = Black

GR = Green

HP = Hot Pink

LA = Lavender

LB = Light Blue

LG = Light Green

LP = Light Pink

NA = Navy

OR = Orange

PU = Purple

RB = Royal Blue

RD = Red

TE = Teal

YE = Yellow

tubing options






Head Colour

Tubing colour


001 Clear/solids   Gray BK 2
007 Glitter   LA, LB, RD 3
009 Confetti & Glitter  Confetti and Glitter RB 2
015 RB, TE Silver stripes  Teal with silver stripes TE 1
016 Black  black Black BK 2
022 Hologram  hologram HP, LP 2
032 Beach  Beach TE 1
033 Kangaroo LG 3
033 Koala w/ tree br. LB (1), LG (2) 3
033 Platypus OR 2
035 Orca  Orca BK RB 1
035 Dolphin  dolphin DL RB 1
036 Palm Sunset  Palm sunset OR OR, TE 2
036 Palm Blue Sky BL PU 1
037 Dragonfly  Dragonfly TE PU 1
038 Butterflies  butterflies RO HP 2
038 Butterflies RO LP 1
038 Butterflies LA PU 1
039 Breast cancer ribbon   LP LA 2
046 Smiley  Smiley YE BK 2
046 Smiley LB RB 1
046 Smiley LA LA 1
046 Smiley HP HP 1
046 Smiley LG LG 1
048 Tropical  Tropical HP, RD, TE 3
050 Multi Glitter w/ RB  Multi-Glitter RB RB 1
052 Ladybugs  Ladybug LG GR 1
062 Cat face  Cat Face NA NA 1
067 Stick nurse  Stick nurse HP HP 2
067 Stick nurse medium skin tone HP HP 1
067 Stick nurse LG LG 1
067 Stick nurse RB RB 1
076 Tie Dye – brights on HP  Tie dye D4 HP 1
076 Tie Dye – Autumn on Bronze A1 NA 1
076 Tie Dye – Darks on HP D5 PU 1
085 Hummingbird  Hummingbird YE TE, GR 2
088 Asian Dragon  Asian dragon BK, HP 2
093 Flower Power  Flower power BK, NA, LG, RB BK, LA, OR, RB 4
097F Doc – Female LB, HP, LA, RD, PU LB, HP, LA, RD, PU 5
097M Doc – Male  Stick doc - male PU, LG, RB, RD PU, RB, RD, RB 4
104 50’s Chic  50's chic GR GR 1
106 Flip Flops LG and LB accents  Flip flops HP HP 1
106 Flip Flops OR and YE accents RB OR 1
109 Kittie and Doggie  Kittie and doggie LA LA 1
110 Cartoon Cow  Cartoon cow LB, LG LB, LG 2
118 Tabby Cat Eyes  Tabby cat eyes GR, LG 2
121 Penguin  Penguin LA, LB LA, LB 2
122 Cartoon Sheep  cartoon sheep LA, LG LA, LG 2
126 Zebra Print  zebra print BK, HP 2
007 Glitter (Paediatric size)  Glitter - paediatric PU 1
046 Smiley (Paediatric size)  Smiley - paediatric YE, YE, HP YE, BK, HP 3
117 Stick boy and girl (Paediatric)  Stick boy and girl LG RB 1







12 thoughts on “Ultrascopes

  1. I would like to order a " hot pink " stethescope with 007 glitter in " lavender "
    please, I am an RN working on Briars Ward at The Bays in Mornington….

  2. Hi,

    My mum purchased a stethoscope for me for Christmas 2012. I have recently started work as a nurse and used it for the first time the other day. After using it I was wearing in around my neck and noticed that the clear casing that was on the head of the stethoscope must have fallen off when I was working. I was wondering if I contact you to work out if it can be replaced or if I need to contact the company? I had a look at my sisters stethoscope which was purchased from you and hers appears very secure and has had no issues.

    Thanks Erin

  3. Hi, I would like to order a stick nurse stethoscope. I work at Peninsula Private so would be happy to pick it up or arrange delivery. Thanks

  4. Hi, im interested in ordering a “black” stethoscope, with “015 RB, TE Silver stripes” diaphragm.
    thanks in advance,

  5. Hi, do you still have any of the ultrascopes? I was after purple or royal blue with tie dye head adult, and I need one ASAP! My contact number is 0403712885.

    Thanking you,

    Yvette Linnell

  6. Hi, do you still have any of the ultrascopes? I was after purple or royal blue with tie dye head adult, and I need one ASAP!

    Thanking you,

    Yvette Linnell

  7. Hi,
    Are these still available? I’d like to purchase a 085 hummingbird with green tubing please!
    Kind regards,
    St Kilda East

  8. Hi. I am wondering if you still have these for sale and if I could pick one up?

    Many thanks,

  9. I am interested in buying an ultrascope stethoscope how do I go about getting one. Which model is the one you sell and how much are they?

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