Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) is a keyhole technique of implanting a valve into the diseased aortic valve. Instead of major open heart surgery involving opening the sternum and putting the patient on heart-lung bypass, TAVI is performed typically by inserting a catheter about the diameter of 6 mm via the groin artery and deploying the valve in a beating heart fashion. Most TAVI procedures are performed under general anaesthetic, but can also be performed with the patient receiving sedation.







TAVI makes it feasible to treat patients who are otherwise deemed too risky for open heart valve replacement surgery. The process leading to TAVI involves many medical professionals, nursing coordinators, and multiple tests to make sure that the procedure goes as plan. Doctors who perform TAVI have to pass stringent criteria in order to be able to provide this service in Australasia.








Dr. Szto is accredited by the Australian government to provide TAVI services at Peninsula Private Hospital. He led the introduction of TAVI into PPH from Nov 2015. This means that our elderly and sick patients do not need to travel to city hospitals to receive this treatment. If your doctor diagnoses severe aortic stenosis (narrowing of the aortic valve) in you, feel free to ask for a referral to Dr. Szto to discuss the most appropriate therapy for you.