Your appointment

Before you come

You may already have received a letter from us to fill out some details about your basic information and health background. Please make sure you fill this form in and return it to us in the pre-stamped envelope provided. You may also elect to fill in this information on our website here. That way, we will be more prepared to assess your condition when you arrive.

Make sure you come in the appropriate attire if you are having an office test such as echocardiogram, treadmill stress test or Holter (ECG)  or BP monitor.

What to bring to your appointment:

1. Your Medicare card

2. Your Private Health Insurance details

3. A list of your current medications (and a note about any recent changes)

4. Results of recent blood tests, X-rays, CT scans, or coronary angiogram CDs if performed elsewhere. If you are going to have tests done through your local doctor, you can ask the pathology or radiology service to send (an electronic) copy of the results to Dr. Szto at no extra charge.

5. A diary of your blood pressure readings, heart rate, palpitations etc that may assist in your management.