Intravascular Ultrasound

Intravascular ultrasound movie.

Intravascular ultrasound or IVUS as it is commonly known, is a highly specialised diagnostic procedure performed by interventional cardiologists. In this procedure, a tiny rotating camera (ultrasound waves) is advanced like a coronary angioplasty balloon along a very thin guidewire into the coronary artery. On pullback, the ultrasound camera captures images of the coronary artery from inside, and this allows cardiologists to measure the diameter of the artery, any buildup of cholesterol and plaques, and whether there is narrowing sufficient to restrict blood flow.

2D cross-section of coronary artery

Intravascular ultrasound showing the cross-section of a relatively normal coronary artery

Intravascular ultrasound showing presence of coronary artery plaque

Intravascular ultrasound of the cross-section of a coronary artery with a stent

Intravascular ultrasound is available at Peninsula Private Hospital – it has just been added in February 2010. Peninsula Private Hospital is one of a handful of private hospitals in Australia with IVUS capability.

Dr. Szto is qualified to perform intravascular ultrasound.