Heart valve replacement

*Note: heart valve surgery is not performed by cardiologists, but by heart surgeons. However, the field is evolving rapidly as more and more keyhole procedures are introduced, allowing interventional cardiologists to perform these traditionally surgical procedures in the cath lab or hybrid cath/surgery labs.
Heart valve surgery is now routinely performed at Peninsula Private Hospital since October 2012.

From November 2015, Dr. Szto and colleagues at Peninsula Private Hospital have commenced the procedureĀ of keyhole aortic valve implantation (TAVI). This is for treatment of severe aortic stenosis.

See a video of a keyhole TAVI procedure:

How a heart valve replacement is performed

In this movie – you will see how a heart valve abnormality affects you, and what happens if you were to undergo a heart valve replacement operation. Open heart surgeries are not performed by cardiologists, but by cardiac surgeons. However, keyhole valve replacement surgery is undergoing rigorous clinical trials at present, and will soon replace open heart surgery as a preferred method. Currently, only percutaneous aortic and pulmonary valve replacement surgery is being done in keyhole fashion.

The following video illustrates the method of open heart valve replacement surgery:

The video below offers some detail regarding percutaneous (keyhole) aortic valve replacement:

Peninsula Private Hospital is providing this keyhole transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) procedure. Cardiologists and surgeons work side by side in a state-of-the-art hybrid cath lab to enable this advanced surgical technique. This results in shorter healing times, and faster discharge from hospital, typically two days after the procedure.

Robotic mitral valve surgery is minimally invasive surgical valve repair or replacement:

The newest method of percutaneous mitral valve clip is shown below: