This is a list of the services we provide. Feel free to explore what they are and how we can help you attain answers to your cardiac problems.

A. Initial consultation and subsequent reviews

Initial consultations also include second opinions (although we prefer that you choose us first), heavy vehicle licence evaluations, airline pilot fitness evaluations, evaluation for Defence (Cerberus) personnel, evaluation of fitness to undergo surgeries (joint replacements, urological procedures, general and bowel surgeries etc), and we also monitor patients who are in hospital having undergone these surgeries (peri-operative medical care).

B. Outpatient heart tests performed in our office

  1. Treadmill stress test
  2. Echocardiogram
  3. Stress echocardiogram
  4. Holter (ECG) monitor
  5. BP monitor
  6. Multi-slice Cardiac CT (in collaboration with MIA Radiology, Peninsula Private Hospital)

C. Inpatient tests and procedures

  1. Coronary angiogram and stents
  2. Coronary rotablator debulking
  3. Intravascular ultrasound to check details of coronary narrowings
  4. Renal artery angiogram and stent and denervation
  5. Pacemaker insertion including leadless, biventricular and defibrillator pacemakers
  6. Watchman left atrial appendage closure
  7. TAVI – transcatheter aortic valve implantation (keyhole)
  8. Electrical cardioversion
  9. Patent foramen ovale closure
  10. Pericardiocentesis (draining fluid from the sac surrounding the heart)

D. Inpatient heart care

  1. Urgent – via Peninsula Private Hospital Coronary Care Unit direct admission 24 hours on 03 9788 3755. Alternatively go to the newly opened PPH Emergency Department (open 24 hours) Tel: 9788 0888.
  2. Elective – Peninsula Private Hospital, Beleura Private Hospital, The Bays Hospital, Frankston Public Hospital (call the office or Drs. Szto or Gupta to arrange prompt admission to hospital).

E. Clinical Research

Our practice is heavily involved in clinical research, where new drugs may be tried, and new therapies explored. You are welcome to participate in clinical studies relating to your heart problems.

Contact number: 03 9789 0088