Baby-boomers facing time-bomb of cardiovascular diseases

Executive Summary

Australians born before 1955 now represent just over 25% of the population. These Australians may be dubbed ‘Generation Risk’ given the prevalence of risk factors for cardiovascular events (heart attack, stroke or death) in this growing population.
This major study has estimated the five year cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk spectrum of Australians aged 55 years and over. It includes a review of the significant burden CVD imposes each year, the prevalence of eight known CVD risk factors, an estimation of absolute five year CVD risk prevalence in 2010, and the impact population growth and ageing will have on absolute CVD risk prevalence in the next 20 years.
The study classified Australians aged 55 years of over according to their risk of experiencing a fatal or non-fatal CVD event in the next five years, from Mild ‘mid range’ (2.5%≤CVD<5%) to Extreme (CVD≥30%) risk. The findings are compelling. Click here to download the Access Economics ReportContinue reading