Vikki O’Shea


Vikki is the practice nurse and clinical research co-ordinator. She sees patients before the consultation and facilitates medical information gathering and formulation, as well as perform ECG’s.

Vikki communicates with patients and doctors over the phone, and acts as a resource in Dr. Szto’s absence.

Vikki also assists in performing the treadmill stress tests, tilt table tests, attaching Holter and Blood Pressure Monitors as well as analysing the Holters! There are not many activities in the office that don’t involve Vikki!

Vikki has the important role of co-ordinating the various clinical research and trials that are performed in our practice. She organises visits, blood tests, examinations and reviews, and makes sure that the documentation is up-to-date and detailed.

Vikki is a critical-care trained nurse and joined our practice towards the end of 2003. She worked at Beleura and The Bays Hospital High Dependency Units before joining us. Vikki is well-known to many other doctors who have worked with her over the years.