Vikki O’Shea


Vikki is a critical-care (ICU and Coronary care) trained nurse who joined our practice towards the end of 2003 having worked with Greg in the local Cath Lab.

There are not many clinical or administrative activities in the office that don’t involve Vikki.

She oversees the triage of referrals to ensure patients are seen in the appropriate time frame. Ensuring that tests the doctors deem necessary prior to consultation are performed, allows for streamlined and thorough consultations.
She begins the cardiac assessments, facilitates information gathering and formulation of patient management plans during the appointment. Patient education begins with Vikki.
ECG Stress tests, BP monitor and holter rhythm analysis along with remote Pacemaker monitoring and management fall within her realm of practice.
She communicates with patients and doctors and acts as a resource in the doctor’s absence.
She has been instrumental in the introduction of new procedures and in the development of the structural heart programs (Watchman LAAO, PFO closure and TAVI) within PPH. She is the first contact for clinical specialists, patients and their family throughout the procedural process.
Vikki has the important role of research co-ordinator of the various clinical research and trials that have been conducted in our practice since 2005. With Greg Szto as principal investigator, Vikki has had the opportunity to work in over 20 multinational clinical trials ranging from first in man device trials to phase 3 drug trials. She manages the HREC applications & responsibilities, coordinates patient visits, examinations and shipping of biologic samples and completes all data entry.

Her familiarity with introducing new products (approved and unapproved) has her dealing with organisations such as TGA on a regular basis. This allows our doctors the ability to offer further treatment options in their patient management.

Vikki is well-known to many doctors who have worked with her over the the past 30 years and is a familiar face to our patients offering reassurance and continuity of care.

In her spare time, she enjoys a casual round of golf and spending time with her grand daughter Bonnie 💜